NoVaStar can vouch for each of the companies listed below. We have successfully completed multiple projects with them. There are however firms we cannot vouch for due to their less than stellar reputations. You can use any of the firms below with confidence.

Second Chance, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

The Loading Dock
Baltimore, MD

Deconstruction Services
Fairfax, VA

Sustainable Warehouse
North Charleston, SC

Scott’s Demolition
San Mateo, CA

Deconstruction Works
West Dummerston, VT

Philadelphia Community Corps
Philadelphia, PA

Waste Not, Inc.
Falmouth, MA

Baltimore, MD

Community Forklift
Hyattsville, MD

Big Reuse NYC
Brooklyn, NY

K&S Services
Essex, MD

Eco Building Bargains
Springfield, MA

CSL Enterprises
Raleigh, NC

Go Green LLC
Park Hill, MD

Recyclean, Inc.
Chicago, IL




Fredericksburg Habitat
Fredericksburg, VA

Wake County Habitat
Raleigh, NC

Suffolk County Habitat
Middle Island, NY

Trenton NJ Habitat
Trenton, NJ

North Central Massachusetts
Leominster, MA

Chesapeake Habitat
Baltimore, MD

Sussex County Habitat
Georgetown, DE

Charlotte Habitat
Charlotte, NC

Greater Boston Habitat
Boston, MA

Prince William County Habitat
Manassas, VA