Some people do their job well. Others, very well. NoVaStar Appraisals is in the category of “very well”. Patrick and his wife drove to our home on short notice to inspect and value the property for deconstruction and donation. They readily provided references for their services and never disregarded a request for information to understand the process, or to provide assistance during the process. They were highly professional and worked seamlessly with third party professionals to create a thorough package for the IRS. We are very appreciative of their work, as we would never have engaged in the deconstruction process without them.
We used whole home deconstruction as an environmentally friendly alternative to demolition in conjunction with a new home construction project seeking LEED Platinum certification. Obtaining an independent third-party appraisal for our in-kind donation was a key to successful implementation. Patrick Smith of NovaStar was knowledgable about the IRS requirements and competed the appraisal paperwork in a timely fashion.
Kim H. Erle, LEED AP Homes