Deconstruction is the process of carefully and selectively disassembling a building to salvage its components for reuse and recycling.

Deconstruction is an environmentally friendly alternative to demolition because it diverts waste from local landfills, and returns repurposed, recycled materials to the community for use.

Tax Benefits for Donated Materials

When you donate salvaged deconstruction materials to a qualified 501(c)3 charity, you can deduct the fair market value of your donation. Deconstruction costs may be deductible, too. The IRS requires an appraisal from a certified appraiser for any donation over $5,000.

NoVaStar Appraisals, Inc. specializes in 100% IRS-compliant appraisals for charitable donations of salvaged deconstruction materials.

We are properly credentialed to perform charitable donation appraisals in all 50 U.S. States.

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Benefits of Deconstruction

The benefits of deconstruction explain why it is one of the fastest-growing trends in the construction industry:

  • Go Green: The EPA reports that if 25% of all buildings demolished every year were deconstructed instead, 20 million tons (40 billion pounds) of debris would be diverted from landfills which will extend the landfill’s life span considerably.
  • Save on Taxes: When you donate your used building materials, you enjoy considerable tax benefits based upon the fair market value of the materials donated. Additionally, the cost to deconstruct may also be tax-deductible.
  • Help Those in Need: By donating used building materials and/or tangible personal property, you are providing financial support to one of the local non-profit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and others. These non-profit organizations are then, as a direct result of your donation, able to do more to help the less fortunate in your community.
  • Create Jobs in Your Community: The growing deconstruction industry is creating job training, employment opportunities and small business development in communities around the country.
Recycle & Repurpose Your Home and get a Tax Benefit

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Contact NoVaStar for an estimate of the fair-market value of your donation. We perform this estimate by coming to your site to inspect the structure and components to be deconstructed.
  2. Choose a tax-exempt charitable organization which can use salvaged building materials. NoVaStar will guide you through this process. For your information, the IRS maintains a list of charities on its website:
  3. Contact a deconstruction firm to disassemble your home. NoVaStar has a list of recommended deconstruction contractors and will walk you through the deconstruction process.
  4. When deconstruction is complete, we will send your final appraisal with the signed 8283 form to be forwarded to your accountant for inclusion in your tax return.

It really is that simple to take advantage of the tax benefits available through this program.

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